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The Rack Roller M4000 is the largest capacity Lifting Caster™ we offer.  It features a 5" swivel caster and built in lifting mechanism that mounts to the upright of pallet rack and most rivet shelving.  With one of these mounted to each rack upright and then lifted, the rack can be rolled.  The 1000 lb capacity is per caster.  Empty racks and even mezzanine rack can be moved with ease.  There are five mounting hole options on the M4000.  Simply find one of the upper holes and one of the lower holes and bolt it to the upright.


Sold as a set of 12. (each box holds 4 casters 30" x 10" x 10", weighs 90 lbs)

Capacity : 1000 lbs per caster

Caster Type : Phenolic 5" Wheel, Welded Swivel

Warranty : 1 year, manufacturers defects.

Rack Roller M4000 (set of 12)

SKU: M4000x12
  • Each M4000 caster assembly weighs 25 lbs.  They are sold in sets of four.  Combine multiple sets to use on multiple bay rack assemblies.  Each set of four includes eight (8) 1/2" flange nuts/bolts for mounting and one 3/4" nut driver to be used with a cordless drill.  Warning:  Do not use an impact driver. When using a cordless drill, set the clutch on a medium setting to avoid over loading the caster.

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