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From Problem to Solution

One Idea Leads to Another.

The original Lifting Caster™ was our Rack Roll M1200. It's been used by everyone from the Presidential Secret Service Department to the largest retailer in the USA.  A proven product with a 10 year history of use.  Originally designed for use with rivet shelving, the M1200 is best used on lighter weight shelving.  When our customers needed a higher capacity Lifting Caster™, we developed the Rack Roller M4000 which is capable of lifting 1000 lbs per caster.  This model was geared to commercial users and for pallet rack.  Because both Rack Roller models attach the same way, they can be used on most types of racks and other items.

No one "moves" their pallet racks.

The idea came out of our own need to rearrange our warehouse space to make room for more racking.  The project seemed fairly simple.  By narrowing our aisle space from 4 feet to 30" we would create enough room for two more aisles. The first aisle would be collapsed by 18".  The next 32' row of rack would be moved by 36" and so on. But when we asked our rack manufacturer where we buy the tools to "move" our racks, they said, "no one moves their pallet rack. They remove everything from the rack, tear it down and rebuild it."

At that time, we were manufacturing motorcycles (see Ridley Motorcycle Company) with a full staff of engineers, fabricators and problem solvers.  Creating a tool that would lift the uprights and allow a wheel to move the assembled rack seemed easier than the task of breaking down ten 32' rows of rack. We designed and built dozens of prototypes and tested them. And the rest is history.

The idea was such a success that we launched Roller Industries which manufacturers and markets Lifting Casters™ for a wide range of moving projects.  Whether you are reconfiguring a 500,000 square foot warehouse or one or two racks in your garage, we make tools to make your project easier for you to do yourself.  Our goal is to make your project happen safely, quickly and efficiently.

Designed & Made in the USA

Our products are designed and fabricated in the United States.  We take pride in the quality of our products through uncompromised fit and finish.  Located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma we are able to quickly and efficiently ship to companies around the United States and the rest of the World.

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