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About Us

From Need to Solution

Every great solution starts as a need.  All of our unique products are the result of our own need to move something.  When we discovered that there wasn't an available solution to move boltless shelving without the hassle of removing the inventory, disassembling the shelving and rebuilding, we created the perfect solution.The incredible Rack Roller™ was developed so that our parent company, Ai MFG, could quickly and easily move Rivetier® shelving in a parts warehouse.

Trusted Tools that Move

Since 2009, Roller Industries has helped companies large and small move their shelving and racks.  Our unique Rental program empowers companies to rearrange their storage systems independently. Most Rentals are never returned because the tools are found to save so much time and money, the companies decide to keep them for future use.

Designed & Made in the USA

Our products are designed and fabricated in the United States.  We take pride in the quality of our products through uncompromised fit and finish.  Located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma we are able to quickly and efficiently ship to companies around the United States and the rest of the World.