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Whether you need to make a one time move, or want to keep your shelving mobile we are here to help.  We offer rental programs, rent with a purchase option or an outright purchase.  Either way, we are confident you will find our amazing Lift Casters™ make your job easy and a huge time saver.


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Rack Roller M1200 / 400#

Ownership has its privledges.  Take control of your space by being in control of when you need to move that rack or row of shelving.  Owning a set of our incredible Rack Rollers™ mounts to just about all rack and shelving making it incredibly versitile and a necessity in every warehouse or business.

The Rack Roller M1200 is sold and rented in sets of 6 which includes one 3/4" nut driver per set that fits a cordless drill for easy operation and two 1/2" flange nuts for mounting to the upright.

The Rack Roller M4000 is sold in sets of 4 which includes one 3/4" nut driver per set that fits a cordless drill for easy operation and two 1/2" flange nuts for mounting to the upright.

Optional Accessories and Attachments are available for purchase or rent to adapt our Lifting Casters to fit certain types of racks.


Roller Industries offers our products for rent through our Authorized Rental Center.  For most projects we offer a seven day rental of Rack Rollers from a set of six all the way up to bins of 90.  We can help make your move much easier and faster. 


Rack Roller M1200 rentals require a deposit of $1080 per set of six which is refunded upon return and inspection of the set(s).  Each rental comes with a nut driver and attachment hardware.  We will work with your schedule to ensure delivery of the rental set when you need them.  Most rentals are shipped by regular ground shipment, but larger quantities are shipped by LTL Freight. Rentals start at $300.

Rack Roller M4000 / 1000#

"We moved 30, 8ft by 4ft loaded racks with goods in about 6 hours. It would have taken weeks if we would have had to unload all the inventory and break down the shelving like we have done in the past. Well worth the money and I will use them again and again and again. Highly recommend them.

-Bryce G (Direct Soccer, UK)

Excellent tool. Worked beautifully and turned a complex job into something really simple. Couldn't have been any better or easier.

-Tracy B (P&D Rocketdyne, US)

With only 48 hours to reconfigure a 200,000 square foot warehouse, there was only one way to move all the pallet racks.  The amazing Rack Roller not only moved the 12 bay rows, they made it look easy.  And we finished the job with time to sweep the floor. These things made us look real good.

-Ken R (Redman McJunkin, US)