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Industrial Use. Purpose Built.

The Rack Roller M4000 is designed and built for the long haul. Its higher capacity and functional design allow for a wide variety of attachment to uprights and beyond.  They have been used on shelving, racks, industrial equipment and in a variety of other applications. With five mounting holes, it is a multipurpose tool for moving.


Rack Roller


Fits : Rivet Shelving & Most Pallet Rack

Capacity : 1,000 lbs per caster

Rack Roller Weight : 22 lbs

Lifting Screw Head : 3/4" Hex Head

Caster : Phenolic 5" Swivel (Welded)

Sold in Sets of 4, Set Weight 90 lbs

$275 Each (includes 1/2" flange bolt hardware)

Warranty : 1 year-Manufacturing Defects

Rental is available.

Rack Roller M4000 / 1000lbs


Rental period is for seven (7) days on site.  Shipping to and from your location are not considered usable days and are not part of the rental period.  The units must be picked up by the shipping company of your choice on the seventh (7th) day.

Shipping to or from you location is not included in the prices listed on this website.

A deposit in the amount of the purchase price is required to rent. Upon return and inspection of the units in good condition with no damage, a credit will be issued.

RENTAL is provided by 2WV Equipment Rental Co.

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